Our Team

David Kerr

David has a Master’s in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, and is fascinated by the entire communication process, words as well as images. He loves applying user-based principles to web design, and thinks systematically about projects. He can speak in plain, clear language about goals and outcomes, and translate geek into English. He taught high school before moving into corporate communications, and by 2000 his freelancing in web and print design grew into David Kerr Design. David is able to bridge the highly technical and highly emotional, which must come together for a successful project.

When not noodling pixels David is dealing with his 2 kids, husband, dog and cat. He hopes somebody made dinner. See David’s 59 or so BEST MOVIES EVER and books he’s reading.

Gwyn Fisher

Gwyn has been building sites in WordPress since 2006, with an uncanny ability to bring existing plugins into new and beautiful order, keeping the user interface friendly and intuitive, and the build secure. After years living in the UK, Spain, Mexico, California, Oregon, Maine, and Massachusetts, in 2011 he settled in Salt Lake City which he found perfect place for his hobbies of photography, trail running, skiing, and walking Max Pancho, his dog. Gwyn enjoys being up-to-date on all the latest WordPress community news and functionality, and brings value, and an English accent, to every project he undertakes.

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