Aw, shucks! I’ve been lucky to work with some great clients and friends. Here are some of the printable things they’ve said about me.


“David Kerr is wonderful to work with, both in his communication and in his design prowess.  He struck just the right balance of adapting to what I wanted, and also providing visionary leadership in working on my project.  I don’t see how you could do better than David for your new website.”

Eric Nitzberg, Sierra Leadership

“David Kerr’s quick and sensitive response to my needs, my photography, and my working method, resulted in a dynamic, representative, and easy to manage Web site. Our new site brought immediate response, resulting in new projects and new clients.”

David Wakely, David Wakely Photography

“David is the total package for web design. He’s not just an excellent creative. He gets the business side of things. David can design solutions that reflect the authenticity of his clients’ organizations, and do so with the right tone of voice.”

Bob Wiesner, Wiesner Consulting Group

“David Kerr Design has been an essential part of the success of our small business. David and his team listened to our needs and worked with us to design the perfect website solution. Moreover, the ongoing support since the website launch has been exemplary… Highly recommended.”

Jason Erlich, Partner McCormack & Erlich

“David is a gem! He created my original Web site and completely redesigned our new site. He converts webspeak into plain English and offers inventive suggestions. I consider David a true partner.”

Joanne Black, No More Cold Calling

“David is one of those rare creative personalities who also understands the business world: meeting deadlines, managing projects, and working with clients. He’s fun to work with, and I love his designs.”

David Moloney, Moloney Consulting

“David has a rare ability to combine great design sense with an understanding of business results and needs. At the end of the process, I received terrific feedback about the site from colleagues and clients. I highly recommend his work.”

Andrew Neitlich, CEO, The Sago Group

“David delivers a technically top–notch, artistically elegant product. His collaborative process is effortlessly thoughtful and consistently creative.”

Lee Altschuler, Law offices of Leland B. Altschuler

“We were worried that using CMS would strip too much creative freedom from us and make the site look very generic, but David did a great job balancing the automated and customized aspects of the update. I think the new site looks fresh but true to our firm, and it is so easy—and fun—to use and build.”

David Baker, David Baker + Partners Architects

“An absolute doll to work with. David’s fast, flexible, and patient and the results speak for themselves.”

Avril McHugh, Avril McHugh Custom Rugs

“David’s focus is first on the client’s needs and then he follows it with great design. I have been astonished at the big difference some small changes he suggested have made in the clarity and ease of navigation on our site.”

Duff Axsom, Oakland Public Library Foundation

“Our rural business with a national reach depends on a powerful online presence. From our first website in 2004, through the rapid growth of our company and, in the last few years, addition of a strong social media program, David Kerr Design has been the skilled, creative and thoughtful mastermind behind our on line image. We would not have the reach and recognition we’ve achieved without this firm’s involvement in Foggy Ridge.”

Diane Flynt, Foggy Ridge Cider

“We began wanting a new website. Instead, we ended up completely reinvigorating our brand. David managed to juggle many design requirements and make the website simple, easy to use, and beautiful.”

Allen Nudel, Forell/Elsesser Structural Engineers

“David quickly and thoroughly grasped the essence of what we do and translated it into a website that truly represents our firm. He is sharp, articulate and confident in expressing his ideas and it is like magic watching him turn concepts into design. Not only is David an exceptional website designer, he is an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way.”

Laurel Headley, Arguedas, Cassman & Headley LLC

“David provided creative ideas, thoughtful feedback, and the highest levels of professionalism and flexibility. We couldn’t have done it without him, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Lyn Hikida, BRIDGE Housing

“David made is very easy for me to navigate working on my first website. He took the time to get to understand who I am and designed a website that describes my work perfectly. The result is a unique, beautiful, creative and highly professional website under budget.”

Nathalie Salles, Business Performance Coach

“Working with David helped me articulate how I wanted to represent myself in an overcrowded and diverse marketplace. I felt he gave 120% of his time and energy to my small start-up business, took the time to really understand my message and service, and developed a unique and customized quality web design that I am proud of as a representation of me.”

Janet Reilly, Janet Reilly Coaching

“David was very responsive to us when building our website. His knowledge of what was feasible for a firm like ours was a big plus.”

George Calys, AIA, Michael Willis Architects

“Working with David and his team was a real pleasure. He understood what we wanted to accomplish (even if we weren’t always very clear) and incorporated our ideas into the website. We couldn’t have been happier with the process or the outcome.”

Geoff Plague, Buildings & Books

“We love the way David distilled very complex subject matter into clear visual messaging that reflects our core values. David is easy to work with, manages time and budget with our interests in mind, and continues to surprise us with his insights and fresh perspective.”

Betty Johnson, Roger Schwarz & Associates

David Kerr Design