I Think, Therefore I…

The Insta-Logo Font

For 20 years Neutraface felt like a can't fail choice.

Telling the Story

A magazine-inspired layout uses disciplined limits to create a flexible portfolio.

Don’t Lose These

I have spent approximately 9 months of my life helping clients recover access to important accounts.

Website Maintenance

Sexy? Maybe not, but keeping your website secure should be a priority.

The Current Mood

After the last few chaotic, frightening years, people are weary, but also ready for something new.

Anthem Award Gold for Reinventure

The Webby Awards honors mission-driven work.

Good Design Improves Usability

Website usability is important, but must be supported by solid design.

A More Perfect Union

Reinventure Capital seeks to put funding to work for racial, gender, and social equity.

The Grid

The fun of site design for a team of architects.

Fixing It Up

A focus on behind-the-scenes improvements highlights a year of back-to-basics.

Dog Haiku

My favorite dog poem, anonymous.

Being Moved

Working on the Miracle Foundation website with brand consultant Karen Leland, we had so many amazing photos and stories to work with.

The Balm of a Good Project

Showcase photos by Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams? Twist my arm.

Organize for Website Users

When you're thinking about how to organize information for clients, you've got to take off the comany organization hat. Your website is not an org chart.

Avoiding Project Pitfalls

How can we keep our work from going off the rails?

Taxes, and Death

Remembering Richard Burke, who made the inscrutable world of finances smooth for clients like me.

Sourcing Great Visuals

Leveraging assets to make your site speak visually.

Web Strategy: User Types

Who are your website visitors, and what do they want?

My Dogs in the Movies

While my dogs came very close to being in some major motion pictures, they sadly do not appear in the final versions of any of these films.

Some Things Never Get Old

It doesn't matter how many times we visit Andersen's Split Pea Soup on the way to or from LA. We have to stop and take a picture of the sign board with two heads sticking out of the holes.

Search Gets Smarter

Faceted Search adds speed and dimension to the simple search.

Interior Design Comes Out

The Interior Design Association of Northern California brings six regions into one powerful site.

Why I’m Not a Yoga Instructor

Yoga teachers everywhere, relax.

Thinking Without Pictures

Challenge: a site with nearly no images which needs to feel strong and visual.

Web Strategy: Yes, There’s Supposed to Be a Reason

Life is full of fun things to do “just because.” But the time and cost of a website makes more sense if there’s a strategic reason for every part of it.

Finding the Key

Key Events had two websites and two brands. We brought them together.

Making it Look Fun

When my friend and colleague Diane Flynt told me in the 90's that she and her husband were planting an apple orchard, I should have known reviews in the New York Times and James Beard nominations were inevitable.

Giving Young People a Voice

The Youth Documentary Academy gives high school students in under-served communities valuable media and documentary film training.

Not Too Flat!

Don't get me wrong, I love flat design and its influence. But design has to serve a function.