I Think, Therefore I…

Taxes, and Death

Remembering Richard Burke, who made the inscrutable world of finances smooth for clients like me.

Sourcing Great Visuals

Leveraging assets from clients or others you work with.

Search Gets Smarter

Faceted Search adds speed and dimension to the simple search.

Interior Design Comes Out

The Interior Design Association of Northern California brings six regions into one powerful site.

Thinking Without Pictures

Challenge: a site with nearly no images which needs to feel strong and visual.

Web Strategy: User Types

Who are your website visitors, and what do they want? At the most basic level, websites need to offer easy, clear access to relevant content, or visitors will quickly leave. Of course not all people are the same, and the […]

Finding the Key

Key Events had two websites and two brands. We brought them together.

Some Things Never Get Old

It doesn't matter how many times we visit Andersen's Split Pea Soup on the way to or from LA. We have to stop and take a picture of the sign board with two heads sticking out of the holes.

Making it Look Fun

When my friend and colleague Diane Flynt told me in the 90’s that she and her husband were planting an apple orchard, I should have known reviews in the New York Times and James Beard nominations were inevitable.

Giving Young People a Voice

The Youth Documentary Academy gives high school students in under-served communities valuable media and documentary film training. I was impressed and moved by the work of the first class of students, a remarkably vivid and personal set of films.

Organize for Website Users

When you're thinking about how to organize information for clients, you've got to take off the comany organization hat. Your website is not an org chart.

Avoiding Project Pitfalls

I’ve been thinking about what a difference it makes when what we do feels valuable. The project might have been challenging, we put in lots of time, but the feeling is of excitement and accomplishment. We’re energized by our work, […]

Not Too Flat!

Don't get me wrong, I love flat design and its influence. It's brought back a clean, simple beauty in graphic design. But design needs purpose, and it's useless to design a button or link that nobody can find.

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