Sourcing Great Visuals

Leveraging assets to make your site speak visually.

When I started on the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation website, they were worried about the visuals we’d use on their site. Could we find enough good stock images?

I noticed the National Museum of African American History and Culture on their grants list, along with a few other big names. “Um, I think you might have a lot more to work with than you think,” I said.

Just about all of their grantees had websites with great images, and getting permission from them to use the images was pretty quick and simple.

Some sites, like the much-publicized NMAACH in Washington had a whole section of images for media use. As a funder, my client had little problem getting the ok to use a few images of that beautiful building.

So it helps to look at who you work for, and with. They may have assets they’d like the world to see, and this can help tell your story.

See the site:

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