The Current Mood

After the last few chaotic, frightening years, people are weary, but also ready for something new.

If you ask me, audiences will be strongly drawn to designs and messages that are grounded, fresh, and true.

As always, the most successful communications will be well targeted to their audience and attuned to their moods. Yes, there still has to be strategy! But I think these qualities will be welcomed this year, and can help any project meet people where they are.


We are ready for some calm.

I’d like to say it again: Ready. For. Some. Calm.

Is there anything more appealing right now? Give me a messenger who has taken a deep breath, found their footing, and has the presence and balance to hold the space.

That sounds like I’m leading a meditation retreat. Not yet.

Whatever the tone, successful communications this year will not be breathless and filled with exclamation-points. Solid, sure colors, confident messages, and some space to breathe will all help right now.


Spring is always a good time for new and vibrant energy and ideas.

I for one will be an enthusiastic audience for that feeling I get when I notice the first little buds on a tree, or see the thin but tenacious shoots of the flowers poking out of the ground.

Bring me a clean breeze and some pops of bright, shocking color.

There is so much surprise in renewal. You know what’s surprising now? Reasonableness. Equanimity. Joy.

And a dose of kindness will be just the thing to top it off.


I suspect you’ll agree with me that most of us are in no mood for BS right now. We’re ready for a break from exaggerations and self promotion.

We want to hear about what’s real.

Why is your message important to hear? What makes it true?

I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity and energy people bring to design and communication now. We’re ready for it.

Let me know what you are thinking.

By David Kerr | Filed Under: Design

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