Fixing It Up

A focus on behind-the-scenes improvements highlights a year of back-to-basics.

It’s both cliché and an understatement to say that our Pandemic Year has been unlike anything I’ve been through. Ever. I am incredibly fortunate that my family has been well, and safe, in a scary and tragic year where over 3 million people worldwide died of Covid-19.

While I didn’t make sourdough bread or manage any monumental reorganization of the closets and garage, I was lucky to have a pretty busy work year.

Many of my existing clients, and quite a few new ones, decided to tackle website infrastructure projects: we updated a lot of insecure, outdated WordPress sites, and reinvented sites in Drupal or other platforms into a shiny new WordPress build. In some cases these sites looked just like the old one they replaced, with the addition of latest-tech security and ease-of-use editing. In other cases we improved usability and function, fixed tired design elements, and spruced things up.

At the end of these projects, I had that happy, satisfied feeling I got after a handyperson helped dig out soft, rotten wood from our window frames, and replaced it with new, solid epoxy and painted it all up. The windows looked a bit better, to be sure, but the real joy was knowing they are solid again and going to last a while.

Wishing you all renewal and fresh rejuvenating energy for the time ahead.

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