WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a wonder. But for security and performance, it needs updates. You don’t want to be hacked, and Google looks to your WordPress version to assess how fresh your site is. WordPress and various plugins can get complicated, so you want a pro to do it.

Our monthly maintenance package includes:


Regular cloud backups

Keep your website data, media, and templates securely backed up in case of problems. Our offsite cloud storage keeps your content, images, and WordPress files safely, so if we need to go back in time with your site we can do it. 

Updates to WordPress and plugins

The WordPress application has frequent updates and 2-3 major version upgrades each year. For each major upgrade we back up your site, update WordPress, check upgrade notes for all the plugins, update all  plugins, and confirm everything is working correctly. If it’s not we troubleshoot and fix conflicts. In rare cases a plugin or upgrade will be incompatible or cause a major issue, in which case we’ll roll back the site to its working state, and get you an estimate for fixing the problem, but usually we can just keep everything running.

Malware & uptime monitoring

A centralized control panel allows us to check your site daily for malware, and make sure your hosting is up. Let us spot any trouble on your site quickly.

Monthly reports

Our monitoring system sends a monthly summary of your site’s status, including all plugins, uptime, and other site information.

Fine Print Notes

There is no contract, you can cancel at any time. Yearly prepaid will be refunded for remaining time. 

While security updates and good practices make site hacks significantly less likely, no one can guarantee your site won’t experience problems. In rare cases problems may take more time than our monthly monitoring is set up for. Should there be an unusual issue, conflict, or other situation that needs to be addressed, we’ll get you a proposed solution and an estimate for the work before doing anything.

Features depend on compatability with webhosting. We’ll notify you if there are any conflicts.

Contact us to set up maintenance on your site.


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