Organize for Website Users


Your organization is structured to function efficiently, serve your clients, and coordinate your staff. But when you’re thinking about how to organize information for clients, you’ve got to take off the company organization hat. Your website is not an org chart.

I’ll often have clients describe very carefully the difference between two areas of the company, and they want to align the website to this. But when I ask what difference this would make to the client, it’s clear this is an internal distinction, but not something that’s of any use to someone looking from the outside.

Organize for visitor needs, using terms they understand.



Users come to your website with specific needs and questions.


A website organized along org chart lines scatters the information they want and may confuse them.


Organizing for user needs makes their experience of the site simpler, and they’re more likely to stay on your site.

By David Kerr | Filed Under: Strategy